Friday, September 24, 2021

Sanford - Lee County Available Real Estate Properties

One important part of Sanford and Lee County’s economic engine is our affordable real estate.  For homes, commercial buildings, manufacturing, residential & commercial land, and retail options, customers get significant bang for their buck.

Our close proximity to the Raleigh-Durham Triangle and Fayetteville areas, allow us to fully participate in the entire region’s economic explosion, but at a much more manageable cost.  Couple this benefit with our local governments’ enthusiastic push for managed growth, and its easy to see why Sanford and Lee County are so attractive.

The Homes Listings section of the Adcock & Associates Real Estate & Auction website has a complete selection of all residential properties in Sanford and Lee County that are on the market today.

The Commercial Listings section of the Adcock & Associates Real Estate & Auction site has a complete selection of active Sanford area and Lee County commercial property, land and office listings.

With several decades of community service to drawl on, and in-depth local market knowledge, the Adcock organization welcomes the opportunity to assist new arrivals to our area in finding their perfect location.

Please visit the Adcock website, make note of properties of interest, then contact the Adcock team directly by email or phone at 919-775-5444 to schedule an appointment.

There are also resources available to help you learn more about the properties your financial assets will qualify you for in Sanford and Lee County.

pre-qualify_mortgage_badgeOVM Financial is a residential mortgage lender based in Sanford that offers a document for prospective home buyers. This exercise can be a great way to begin to see the amount of financial power you can exercise in the attractive Sanford – Lee County residential real estate market.

Simply click on the “Pre-Qualify Instantly” button and fill out the form. If you’re considering a move, upgrade or downsize in the area, this is a great first step in the home purchasing process.

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